Reader input- Your experience of dissociation and trauma responses.

I wanted people’s input. I am going to make up some ” emotion cards” to use in therapy to describe what I am feeling when I am dissociated or unable to speak.

Sienna brought in some emotion cards on Monday to help me communicate what I was feeling but because they were for children, they were fairly basic emotions and didn’t really cover what I was feeling or wanting to say.

So I said ” I wish there were cards for dissociated people. Maybe I should make some.”

And Sienna thought it was a fabulous idea and really encouraged me to make some.

So now I am going to put it over to my dissociative readers or those with complex trauma to describe how they feel in therapy. I have two simple questions and I’d love to hear everyone else’s experiences.

I am looking for describing words rather than just emotions or feelings although those will be helpful too.


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