Reader input- Your experience of dissociation and trauma responses.

I wanted people’s input. I am going to make up some ” emotion cards” to use in therapy to describe what I am feeling when I am dissociated or unable to speak.

Sienna brought in some emotion cards on Monday to help me communicate what I was feeling but because they were for children, they were fairly basic emotions and didn’t really cover what I was feeling or wanting to say.

So I said ” I wish there were cards for dissociated people. Maybe I should make some.”

And Sienna thought it was a fabulous idea and really encouraged me to make some.

So now I am going to put it over to my dissociative readers or those with complex trauma to describe how they feel in therapy. I have two simple questions and I’d love to hear everyone else’s experiences.

I am looking for describing words rather than just emotions or feelings although those will be helpful too.


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I can’t always tell that I’ve switched.

On a different note…

Does anyone notice the difference between what I said in today’s post (the 6th January) and the post I wrote on the 27th December?

The one on the 27th is super depressed and lacking of hope and doesn’t see any good in the sessions. And the one today, sort of starts that way but switches half way through to a more positive outlook.

I think these are switches in alters. See? Even now I don’t feel switches happen and my view of things changes depending who is fronting. Isn’t that weird?