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  1. Hi my name’s Annie. I was abused from the time I was too until I was 12. My abuser was a family member. I tried to kill myself 3 times. I was diagnosed schizophrenic bipolar OCD PTSD you name it that’s what I had. Until seven years ago when I met my therapist. I told her what was going on in my side myself. She said I’m not schizophrenic but I have DID. I have 8 Alters. One of them is a little girl. She causes me to have body memory. They’re horrible and I hate them. It’s like you can Xscape what’s happening inside your body. My therapist told me that when they’re happening to remind myself that this is now and that was then. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. The worst is when I can feel him in on me and I can smell everything. I hate it


  2. Thoughts on “Technical Glitch”. Hi hun, I have been following your posts for about a year now. I often relate to things you say. I have been seeing my therapist for 2 years now, but I have been rather slow in allowing myself to become attached to her as I am very anxiously attached. Anyway, I totally relate to your thoughts and feelings on her lack of/slow response, I wondered if I could ask you, how you cope in the therapy breaks? My therapist is now away so I won’t see her for 3 weeks and for the first time in 2 years, I am dreading it!!!!! I am finally in touch with feelings of abandonment which I’ve managed to repress until now, I am petrified of having needs and not having them met and obviously I have now finally become to rely on her and she is going…. she herself appreciated how sadistic this feels. Any tips? xx


    1. Hi Jess, my therapist hasn’t taken too many breaks and when she has she’s allowed me to have contact with her because she thinks it’s important for me at this stage.
      However things that help me during breaks where I’ve had no contact in the past was splitting the weeks down so say my appointment is on a Monday, I run Monday to monday, and I fill my week up with at least one thing to look forward to. I might also do therapy related reading, or art or worksheets. If all else fails, I binge watch shows on netflix lol
      Have you spoken to your therapist about how you feel? It might be that she can offer you some form of support or connection while she is away?


      1. Hi! Thanks for your response (you obviously know how important that is! ha). Well, I had my last session last night until the 23rd August and I did open up a bit, I think she could tell anyway. I told her that I had a child fear that she might not come back. She totally understood and was reassuring and sympathetic.. she told me I could take someone from “the room” if it helped, but I felt silly doing that so said I didn’t need anything physical. I said that I wanted to make sure I had a “big” session so that I could do my usual Googleing and reading/writing about all my thoughts and insights from the session which I have been fully immersed in doing today.. trouble is, its only the day after so I know I will kinda “burn out” and by the time she is back I usually tell her I want to quit!! I am deffo going to do a lot of journaling. What do you mean by worksheets? I can’t draw at all, but quite fancy giving it a go! x


      2. Do you use Type in social work worksheets or art therapy prompts you’ll get loads of ideas. It’s a shame you didn’t feel able to take something from her room but I totally understand feeling silly. It’s really hard when the needs are so young.


      3. P.s what about doing a time line of your life with all important events? It’s pretty time consuming and you can make it as creative as you like. Or you could do a photo video of your life… Also time consuming.


    1. Ah great idea! Thank you so much I will look into that! Not sure about the timeline, can’t remember a lot and it’s all foggy but love the other ideas. Thank you, keep writing I love reading your posts x

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