A Brand New Week, What Are Your Goals?


Happy Sunday.

Soon another amazing week will begin and I have my goals for the week written down. I am hoping having a diary will keep me a bit more on task instead of procrastinating the precious hours away? What’s the chances??? LOL

So my goals?

  1. Healthy eating/intermittent fasting every day to achieve an April goal.
  2. work on my social media presence for Girl in Therapy
  3. write up post about my Monday session.
  4. Work on creating some new art
  5. Start working on my Dissociation Cards (Artwork & Design for cards.)
  6. Research Printers and Costings for cards
  7. Start Yoga routine (again!)
  8. Finish reading book and start writing notes and a game plan for moving forward in therapy.
  9. Meditate at least twice in the week but more if possible.
  10. Just BE happy!!


All doable. All achievable. Just need to stay focused.

I’d really love to hear what goals you all have for this week coming – leave your goals in the comments box!

Let’s all…..