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Child alters like to say the worst things.

Think you’re having a bad day? Well my 3 year old child alter, Vee, just told my therapist that she’d wanted to show her her new pink stripey underwear!!!!

My therapist part laughed part smiled but didn’t say anything. She was probably just counting her blessings that adult me knows it’s not appropriate and that I have such a firm grip on the alters most of the time!!

I am still cringing!!!! Arghhhh shut up Veeeeeee!!!

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Letting your alters play.

When your therapist suggest the child parts draw her some pictures for next session… u end up with glue and glitter… everywhere! 😁

Today i felt the urge to give Keira new clothes and a more exciting environment . I found unicorn jammies and dressing gown in a catalogue and instantly knew Keira would LOVE them.

She did. She really loves them.

I wish i had a real photo of Keira, but instead i had to draw her face.

In my mind, i created Keira a bedroom of her own. It is pink everywhere, frills, cuddly toys, a soft bed with pink bedcovers. Thick pink carpet that you sink into when you walk on it. It’s her safe place and she happily goes there when adult me needs to adult.

When Keira first appeared she didn’t speak. She was ghostly with long black hair. She just screamed silently all the time. She was trapped behind glass. I was scared of her.

Sienna told me that even though Keira was behind the glass (and not even aware of Sienna), she was going to sit by the glass so that Keira had company. And when Keira was ready, she could come out and sit with Sienna.

I think Keira’s come a long way since then.

When i think now how Keira was, it’s very much like Amelia who’s still very much behind glass. I hope one day she can transform too.

Keira has lots she wants to say through drawing. It feels like Keira is ready to do some therapeutic work.