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Sorrow pits are the worst


8 thoughts on “Sorrow pits are the worst

      1. i just try to be really present for it, breathe deep (mine affects my solar plexus up through my lungs) and let myself feel the sadness. for me, the challenge is not to let it give way to anxiety — so being present and lettings sadness be felt is usually enough. I sometimes try to write about it, and if I am feeling super together, I will try to do think some kind thoughts to remind myself that i am safe and loved and cared for. it’s hard.

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      2. Deep breathing into the solar plexus usually help shift me through it a bit, it’s just that they are coming frequently of late. I feel it in the same areas – starts in solar plexus and draws up to heart and toward my left shoulder. But today I felt it most in my throat with is totally new.

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  1. I rock myself. Cry, if i can. Eat warm and soft things. Say gentle words. Get hugged (imagining being hugged by someone who loves me works nearly as well).

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