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Summer Shines Bright!

I recently came across a new blog that I instantly wanted to follow – summerstarttoshine. i think some of you follow her already.

I was immediately drawn to her writing and her bright, colourful artistic soul. She is a mental health campaigner here in the UK and fights anti-stigma through her very cute and quirky AND relatable illustrations.

She sells her work on etsy too and is available for corporate re-branding projects and I thought there’d be lots of people from my blog who might be interested in her work.

I love the work she is doing both locally and online to smash the stigma of mental illness and I find her so brave to do that so publicly. She give honest insight into the ups and downs of mental illness and shows that you can be a happy shiny soul one day and the next a crying puddle of feels and that both are okay!

Her use of colour never fails to make me smile and she inspires me on so many levels!

If you have instagram, definitely go follow her at @summershines_studio

I am sharing images of her work here with her permission.



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