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Draw it out.

Yesterday, for various reasons, i ended up being a listening ear for a couple of people. At the time, it felt absolutely fine and i wanted to be supportive. But by night time, i felt totally burnt out and the impact of what I’d heard hit me like a ton of bricks!

I think it was probably impacted by the fatigue i was feeling anyway. I just couldn’t hold all their ” stuff” too.

I went to bed but slept fitfully. I woke up during the night. And today when i woke up i just feel like I’ve been run over. I am in a huffy mood and just want to withdraw.

I have therapy tonight and i don’t want to go. I don’t want to connect.

I said to my friend ” I’m a huffy crocodile today. ”

My friend suggested i draw it out- a bit of art therapy to try and move my mood on a bit.

I can’t say it’s helped to he honest. But it’s kept me busy at least.