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Finding a new therapist.

Lots of people have asked me about how to find the right therapist for them, and what questions they should ask to find a therapist that will meet their needs.

After a couple of disasters with therapists myself, and before I met Sienna, I compiled a list of 42 questions (yup 42!) that I gave each therapist I contacted and they all answered – though some were a bit cagey and they did NOT get hired!

Sienna answered all my questions and I liked what she said and I felt like her way of working aligned with my own and so she got the job of “Sirena’s main person” LOL

I have written a more in depth post about finding a new therapist on my other blog ( AND best of all, I have made a FREE printable worksheet with all the questions you might want to ask a prospective new therapist. It’s especially useful for those with Complex PTSD and attachment/abandonment issues.

I’ve even made space at the bottom of it for your own questions and notes! It’s a good little resource.

So go to – Free Printable Worksheet at Girlintherapyuk



I hope you find it helpful. And feel free to follow me over at the new blog for more articles, news and worksheets to help on your journey to healing.



2 thoughts on “Finding a new therapist.

  1. Thank you so much, Sirena. I am saving this because people hear I’m in therapy and ask: “How do you find someone good?” I think this will be a great help for them! Hugs – TS

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