Something fun.

It’s my birthday today! 😊

And as a celebration and just for fun, I’d like to make a small piece of art and send it to one of my readers. No idea what this piece of art will be yet as it isn’t even made.

So, if you’d like to own a piece of my art comment “me” in the comments box and your name will go into a draw. I will do the draw on Sunday and announce the winner. It will be sent out to the winner in May.



38 thoughts on “Something fun.

  1. individualmedley17 says:

    Stupidly agonising over whether I have the right to say β€œme”, but I’m a long time supporter if not always commenting. So β€œme” and Happy Birthday. I’m glad you survived your break, I’m in my first week of a 4 week break and not doing very well. Keep up the inspirational work! Xxx IM


    • Sirena says:

      It’s not about right! I’m glad you said me… Just in time, going to do the draw in a few minutes!! πŸŽπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


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