Seeking opinions..

I would love some honest input about a new piece of art I created recently.

It’s an experimental piece using moulding paste, acrylics, inks, coloured glass and swarvoski crystals and I’m not sure what I think of it.

Is anyone up for telling me their opinion on it? It’s okay if you hate it! Lol

I can’t decide whether I like it or not. I kind of do and kind of don’t.

It’s on 10cm x 10cm stretched canvas.

And is a variation on the much bigger blue one which is on canvas board.. which I love!

So… What are your thoughts on the first one? Please help!


Easter Art

Instead of making a daily post of all the art people share with me, I have made a page dedicated to Easter Art. It’s at the top of the page with the other menu options. It will be update daily, so check back to see what’s new.

Thanks again to those taking part, I love receiving your art. I get excited to see what comes in.

I hope others might want to join in along the way… c’mon you know you want to!!! 😉

The idea is to use a drawing app and draw pictures on your phone, because it’s fun, but also, it’s really hard to be accurate or even good, so it takes away the pressure of even trying to be! All art is going to look like a 2 year old did it and that’s great, it produces really sweet, honest images! However if you’d like to join in and really don’t like using an app, send a drawn picture instead and I’ll post them.



Draw your Feelz.


So, the first pictures are in from readers who’ve used a drawing app to draw how they’re currently feeling.

I hope others join in if they want to. Send me as many as you like throughout Easter and I’ll post them up. You can even do it anonymously if you like, just let me know when you email that you don’t want your name on it. You can download a drawing app to your phone or even just draw a picture if you prefer and send me a picture of it.

The drawing app is good because it doesn’t require anyone to be “good” at art because it’s almost impossible to draw accurately with it and therefore take away any pressure for it to look good. It’s a very fluid way of expressing yourself.

It’s a lovely way for us all to connect during the holidays when our therapists are away and it feels tough.

Email –

First two come from Lily




And this one came from Rubberbandsandchewinggum



Join me on the great Easter therapy break.

Easter break has commenced. 3 whole lovely weeks of no therapy, no therapist, no therapy drama, no therapy angst, no therapy bill, no going to therapy travel…. arghhh time to relax and kick back.

Jokes…. fuck that. I hate breaks and am going to be dragged through them kicking and screaming. Haha.

I’ve decided to use drawing apps to document my feelings over the holidays. It’s just a distraction tool but it’s useful and fun.

I wondered if anyone else would like to join me in drawing Easter away? I’d love it If you did x

If you get a drawing app, start drawing your feelz and send me a picture or screenshot of them to and I’ll post them here on my blog.

I have done 2 today, here’s mine…