Not writing about my sessions…

It’s been on my mind that I haven’t been writing in depth about my therapy sessions lately. And I do wonder why?

Two very real reasons is that I have been sleeping through the night for the most part and that was usually my time to sit and listen to my session and write about it, and also I’ve been concentrating a lot more on creating art to sell. Time has seemed to slip away recently and I am far busier creating art, maintaining social media feeds, preparing an etsy store and investing in my self-care routines.

But also, as I’ve mentioned before, I am trying to keep myself balanced and away from trauma stuff during the week now that I don’t have Sienna’s support between sessions. I am still trying to find myself around this new way of working and feel pretty unsteady about whether I will cope. So, I think I am avoiding listening back to my sessions in case I become triggered.

The sessions themselves have slowed down quite a lot too. I think we are both conscious of trying to find where my tolerance levels lie and not triggering me too much.

There’s a lot more general chat, as we attempt to rebuild the trust lost from the rupture. There’s an element of us both resting from the hard stuff and just allowing ourselves to be in the room together. I think we both got a big fright by what happened at the end of the year and we have both been shaken.

There has been therapy work done though. And I find my young alters edging forward more often which is new. Their chosen form of communication is texting and emailing or drawing. Sienna had spoken to her supervisor about her worry that if she took away emailing and texting that the young alters would be silenced. That they would have no way to express their traumas and that Sienna wouldn’t be able to get to them. Her supervisor assured her that they would come in time. To be patient.

And now that the choice of emailing and texting isn’t there anymore, the alters are trying to move towards coming to sessions. I feel them a lot more often in sessions and less at home. I think that’s probably a good thing?

The Editor and the teen parts are still careful about what they let the child parts do or express, they don’t have free reign in sessions. But I feel them there.

As a result, there’s been this real urge to physically be in contact with Sienna. This hungering need to cuddle into her or lean against her. The child parts need a lot of reassurance and they also feel a lot of love and affection for Sienna and that results in them always wanting to be close to her, if they can.

The teenage parts haven’t really featured much. They do not want to engage with Therapy or with Sienna. They have no trust in her and they are so angry and hurt with her and what she did during the rupture. I think they have stayed away because they are afraid of their own rage. They feel rage and they don’t know what to do with that. How to express it, how to extinguish it. It’s so destructive and I am guessing they fear their own power.

Saying that, Sofia did turn up last Thursday. Sofia has less anger towards Sienna. I think that’s because she does trust Sienna now. And she trusts Sienna more than she is angry, so that allows her to drop the rage. I feel like Sofia is less an angry guardian and more a vulnerable teen – when with Sienna, not anyone else.

I am dreading the time we have a bad session and/or Sienna is misattuned. I am still not sure how I am going to cope with that. How am I going to wait a whole week holding all the emotions that come from a bad session?

I am spending a lot of time cultivating a positive, nurturing adult within myself. I use my Instagram account to allow the adult part of me to speak to the rest of me, to motivate me, inspire confidence, reminding myself and the parts that I CAN do things. It is really working for me. And it keeps me on task for whatever it is I need to do on any given day. It focuses my mind.

Originally it was set up by Sofia and Mia, a place for their teenage attitude to have its say. But they haven’t bothered with it much. So now this new adult is using it. (Feel free to follow me.)


I don’t always feel happy or inspired or settled or motivated. So sometimes it feels a bit forced to post something inspiring. But it seems to work, even if I am having a down day, just posting something positive reminds me of the adult within and I get moving with my day and my mood switches over to the adult mind. The Instagram account has really been an unexpected success for my tool bag of coping.

A big part of my coping lately and my drive to succeed with my art is the appearance of this adult part. It is allowing me to have space from the trauma stuff. It is allowing me to move away from all the stuff that drags me down and renders me frozen every day.

I am dissociating a lot more than I was and I think that’s a by-product of having to hold a lot more for myself now that the boundaries have changed. I find myself losing time, or feeling quite confused and forgetful. I feel the vulnerability and sadness of the parts quite often. And I feel tired holding so much by myself.

But the adult part is helping me balance out and cope and I am so grateful for that.

The shift in my sessions is interesting. Without the outside contact, they are more concentrated or focused or something. Sienna does seem more present. They feel more traditional or more…. I don’t know… the attention is all on me, not on us, the relationship, what’s gone on in the week via email, not the countertransference etc

It feels like we are back to basics. It’s like I’ve gone from high school back to Nursery class. And it actually feels like a relief. All the pressure is off. All the difficult stuff is kept at bay, it’s at a level that I can go out into the world and cope with. I can go into the session and be the centre of the world for an hour. There’s no battle. No drama. Just pure attention and caring.

I am under no illusions that it will always be like that. But for now, it’s what I need.




8 thoughts on “Not writing about my sessions…

  1. Cd says:

    You are doing amazing!

    Do you find that sessions are harder? Like your more disconnected from her?

    We’ve gone through a similar (yet less severe) rupture. I find myself feeling completely disconnected now. I don’t know how to “hold” the relationship now. It seems pointless to continue. Yet, work is getting done in session. I’m holding back a lot. I can’t let myself get thrown for a loop and be able to function outside of session.

    I’ve done a lot of things that you are doing and I can almost completely forget about therapy. Yet that seems to be going backwards…Like you said. It’s all so confusing.


    • Sirena says:

      I find sessions easier. I feel very safe with her in session and very connected. But outside of session… hard to say. I sometimes feel disconnected but sometimes I can hold the relationship in mind.
      Part of me is holding back a lot partly through lack of trust but more because I don’t know how to cope with the instant triggering it brings.

      I feel like we’ve gone backwards a bit in order to find a way forward. And it feels like we’ve lost ground when my dissociation/the losing time has increased. So there’s no one answer whether things are better or worse.

      It’s really confusing when there’s so many parts feeling different things and would answer your questions differently.

      Liked by 1 person

      • CD says:

        IT seems weird that we need to go backwards to go forwards. I get it tho. Yes, I agree…too many differences of opinion internally to find a cohesive answer. I’m pushing myself to talk and to say “enough” so that my T doesn’t leave (i feel like its a constant threat), yet others are being super challenging in that thought. Then outside of session — nothing. I am someone else completely. Back to avoiding to survive.

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  2. La Quemada says:

    E and I are very tender to each other after a rupture or even an almost-rupture. Neither of us want to rip each other’s hearts out, though we have done that before. I find those moments sweet; I can see how much we both care and actually even love each other. And in those times, sometimes we can get really good therapeutic work done.

    The thing I’m finding, however, is that if I think about the rupture too much… I can actually get mad / sad / hurt all over again. In my case at least, I think I let some things go unresolved just so it could seem like we were all “over” it. Do you ever feel like that? Or do you feel like you two genuinely made peace? I fear sometimes that at some point I will need to go back and talk about our biggest rupture. I don’t want to, but part of it still hurts.


    • Sirena says:

      Yeah I avoid thinking about the details of the rupture best I can for the same reasons as you. It just causes pain. Sometimes I think I don’t want or need to rake over it again and other times I know it’s unresolved.
      Last year’s rupture was huge so I think we might need to come back to it. And we touch on it a tiny bit every few sessions but only vaguely and briefly cos I can’t cope with more. I’ve definitely got some war wounds this time around. 😢


  3. LB says:

    Hooray for focusing on your art, Sirena! Please give us the link when you set up your Etsy page. I need a few smaller pieces for my daughter’s room and our bathrooms.

    It must feel so good to be working and sleeping!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sirena says:

      I have an Instagram page for my art if you can get on there? Otherwise will let you know when the Etsy store is up ❤
      It does feel good to be focusing on my art and being more disciplined. And the sleep is helping with that. Xx


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