The child alters speak.

Wasn’t feeling emotionally great today. But didn’t really know why. I just felt unmotivated to do anything. I’ve either slept or sat on the sofa staring aimlessly at my phone.

And then I decided to draw. At first I drew a cute flower.

But then I moved on and allowed the child parts to speak and I was surprised what ended on the page.

Two little girl describing how the were feeling.

” My tummy is crying” and “My heart is sad”.

Poor little girls. But drawing seemed to help them a bit or helped me or helped all of us, who knows.

And a final picture was drawn to depict a young part who turned up in the therapy room on Saturday whilst using the dissociative experiences cards.

Holly is 4. She told me her name on Saturday morning whilst I was lying awake in bed. She said her name and counted out 4 fingers for her age.

She came out in therapy. And was utterly delighted to have found a way to speak.

So that’s my day. Drawing drawing drawing and not much else.


27 thoughts on “The child alters speak.

  1. CD says:

    powerful. i’m so afraid to “let” (as if I have much of a choice) my littles out. The more we move to making a space for them within therapy, the more apprehension i feel when they move closer to the front. I felt her tummy ache and nervousness. It was so overwhelming. maybe I’ll have to try drawing.

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  2. amber (maybe) says:

    That bottom drawing sums up exactly how I feel in therapy. Can I share it with Tom please? I absolutely love these and we are going to do some drawing next week! It all started with the squiggle game…


  3. La Quemada says:

    I agree that drawing (or any kind of art) can provide great points of access for our little ones, or for secrets that need to come out. But it’s easier for people who are already more comfortable making art. Otherwise people get caught up in the “oh I can’t draw” instead of just allowing the images to come out and say what they need to. Anyway, for you it does in fact seem to be a really powerful tool, and I’m glad.

    I had to smile at the sentence about just sitting on the couch, looking at your phone, given that I just wrote a long post about doing nothing all morning… I do know how you feel. xxoo


    • Sirena says:

      Yeah, art isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always an entry point for communication. Surprisingly, the people who struggle most with proper art therapy sessions are artists! πŸ˜‚ cos they over think it, try to be good etc
      I find I enjoy doing the art stuff more when I’m alone.
      I still believe everyone can create art, whether that’s collage, drawing, craft, pottery etc.

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    • Sirena says:

      Yeah it’s Sienna. I did show her it. She smiles and said ” I DO see you. I don’t always know who’s here in the moment but I SEE you. ” :)))


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