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To writers and bloggers everywhere

Sometimes, when you write publicly and with your soul and heart bared for the world to see, people don’t like it or don’t get it. And they will try to shut you down.

But for every individual who doesn’t like it or who tries to drag you down, there’s so many more who see your truth and love you for it and raise you up. Love you for your struggles, for your less than perfect side, for your bashed up heart that you share with them unfiltered and without apology.

Stay authentic. Stay true to who you are.

If people hate you for it, then that’s their issue alone. If people judge you for it, then that’s for them to make peace with. If people try to control what you say, write, feel or act, then that says a lot about their hurt and their damaged soul. Extend them pity and wish them well on their arduous journey and move away.

✌ Peace, out.


16 thoughts on “To writers and bloggers everywhere

  1. Absolutely. The mental health blogging world is full of people struggling hard trying to get by. We don’t always show our best sides in our writing. Sometimes it is raw and unpolished and reactive…(hmm, me on Thursday am!) but hell, we need to let it out somewhere because sometimes it’s the very best we can do when we can’t cope or things are hurting… and we are all trying to grow. I am grateful for all the support I received this week but I know there is a darker side to this place and for those that have nothing nice to say then please just move on. Noone forces anyone to read or follow a blog. And lastly. What I would say is that if people are struggling with complex trauma, disorganised attachment, splitting and parts, then frankly it is unsurprising that sometimes we don’t come over as wholly rational…. it’s emotional. And often it’s emotions that have been supressed and locked down for a very long time. Therapy is all about healing, and we learn and grow through this shit. My therapist often says, ‘if there isn’t manure then we can’t grow’ – which is basically her saying, the shit is necessary. Love to all. xxx

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