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Get better, NOT bitter.




Oh….. and also………








9 thoughts on “Get better, NOT bitter.

  1. Ha!
    Your title did make me think. Sometimes I equate bitter with better. You know the “I don’t even care, I don’t need anyone!” Self with strength. Hmmm something for me to think about. Crap.

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    1. For me this was relating to those people who are bitter at what others have or of the successes of others and instead of raising their own game, they try to pull others down.

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      1. To be honest, most of me feels sorry for people consumed with envy or resentment. And mild amusement/bemusement as to why they’re so invested in someone who annoys them so much! Just walk on… life’s too short to be persistently annoyed by someone they don’t need to be around. No need for nasty bitchy passive aggressive comments.
        And yes I fully understand the irony of that statement given it’s own passive-aggressive tone. But some people aren’t worth getting into direct conflict with. They simply don’t get it.


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