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Therapy: A failed experiment?

Is therapy just a huge big failed social experiment?

Does anyone get out the other end of therapy in a better state than they walked into it?

Because I’m not seeing huge evidence of it. What I do see is a lot of miserable and horrifically suffering adults of childhood trauma, struggling with the constructs and limitations of the therapy relationship.

Emotionally starving, vulnerable adults desperate for just some love and tender care and just a damned hug… human intervention, human caring, human loving. It isn’t hard. The needs are actually very simple.

Yet here we all are…sticks and carrots dangled in front of us, urging us forward with promises however vague, of some sort of dry promised land, some tiny sense of belonging. Some hope of obtaining a morsel of affection or feeling of worth driving us forward, forward, forward but never quite reaching a destination.

Is therapy just a bunch of unfulfilled implied promises, failed hopes for belonging and safety and love and just an implement of torture that replays our original woundings over and over in a race to the bottom of the barrel?

Does anyone get out of therapy alive?


Hi guys,

I have re-opened my blog in order to write this message and let everyone know what’s happening.

I’ve had lots of emails from people who want to continue following my blog. And lots of lovely messages of support. Thank you to all of you who reached out to me.

I made the blog private for a couple of days because I needed space from it and from the spat of shitty comments I’ve had recently. But the biggest reason is that I’m going through a really hard time psychologically and physically.

I’ve been super I’ll with some weird bug and my mental health took a huge dip this week too. My therapy isn’t going well either to be honest which I’m sure will please some of the ” told you so’s” out there. Being proved right will delight some I’m sure.

I have no idea what to do about this blog right now. I love it and I love all the readers who’ve had input and sent support and whom I’ve just had good laughs with.

And it’s for all of them/you that I felt I owed an explanation to. To not just drop off the planet.

I was heartened by everyone who emailed. Thank you.

I’m really quite unwell and stressed and my family have been looking after me.

So for now, I might be quite quiet. And if I feel particularly vulnerable then I might make the blog private again to give me space and safety. But at least if it happens Again, you’ll know why this time.

I really hope this is all short-lived and I return to blogging soon. But I just don’t know. I guess it will all depend on whether I have a therapy to blog about.

I’ll be around to read your blogs and comment if I can.

You’re all free to email me at to chat, catch up or comment.

I accept emojis, memes, unicorns and chocolate ๐Ÿ˜

Love Sirena x