Reader Input needed- What’s in a name?


I am thinking that I want to change the name of this blog.

Girl In Therapy.

When I started it only 2 years ago, it seemed to fit where I was at the time. Even though I wasn’t really a girl anymore, I wasn’t comfortable with the word “woman“, for many reasons which are of course tied up in my history but also, I was so regressed and I just didn’t feel like I was a woman, I felt vulnerable and broken and quite child-like in many ways. I wouldn’t say I am totally comfortable with the word woman even now but I do feel like it applies to me now. Or at least “girl” applies even less and feels a bit weird to use.

I think it shows a progression in my personal journey to wholeness, a strengthening of my own psyche, of my adult ego state that the word “Girl” no longer feels all that comfortable or reflective of where I am right now.

Question is…. what do I change the blog to now? OR even should I change it? People know it and identify me through the current name ” Girl In Therapy” is changing it too confusing? Nothing is set in stone, this is just me wondering about it and looking for feedback from my readers.

Should I keep the blog name as it is or change it? And if I change it, anyone got any suggestions?


21 thoughts on “Reader Input needed- What’s in a name?

  1. Heidi says:

    I agree with the previous comment…I always think of the author’s name when I think about a blog…The blog name never really seems important. So, to me, yours is Sirena’s blog…not Girl in Therapy!

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  2. e.Nice says:

    I agree with Patty, that I don’t think of the blog name as you, so yah if you want to change it not a big deal. I too have identified more as a girl then a woman. Maybe its because I always think of women as old and don’t feel that way πŸ™‚

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    • Sirena says:

      Yeah, I feel like “women” or “woman” is someone older, more mature than me for sure hahha! But nowadays i wouldn’t describe myself as a girl either… we need a different word for the inbetween stage!


  3. Rachel says:

    I don’t have anything very witty – the phrase that came to mind for a middle term was “lady” – but “lady in therapy” sounds sort of scandalous or presidential. So maybe that doesn’t apply.
    In all seriousness, if you’re ready to change it, go for it. You have a new therapist, and have grown so much in the past couple of years. It is incredible, really.

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    • Sirena says:

      I think i’ll keep it as it is for now. Part of me feels like keeping it because that’s where I started out, that’s what was real for me at the time. But the part that wants to change is the the part that has grown up a little bit but also I get bored with my own identity and own name at times, and I want to be something different, someone different and then the old name doesn’t reflect me anymore. I’m a bit weird.


      • Andi says:

        I mean, that makes a lot of sense to me. I pretty regularly have moments where I just want to “shed” my old self and move on to something new. Someone has already suggested I change the name of my blog since it seems like therapy doesn’t “suck” so much anymore. Which is true. But the title of my blog is a representation of a collective experience in therapy, not just the present moment. But if it ever begins to feel like it doesn’t reflect me or my blog, I will consider changing it.


      • Sirena says:

        I think therapy happens to suck on a regular basis, regardless of how well you are getting on with the therapist lol


  4. Ellen says:

    I like ‘bad ass in therapy’. πŸ™‚

    IMO, it would make sense to update the blog name. Plus I always like to swim against mainstream opinion, lol. I’ve also had the problem of feeling like a child, and to me, it makes sense not to reinforce that. Woman in Therapy? Or some type of art reference? Dunno.


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