Art Therapy Resource.















I’ve designed some flashcards with feeling words on them. Mostly because I’m bored but also because they might be helpful to others who really struggle in therapy to speak or find the words. I know sometimes when I become really insular or threatened, I struggle to speak to my therapist and tell her what’s going on for me. Maybe something like this could help? I might laminate them and put them onto a keyring. I will add more feelings cards as I do them. Or if anyone has anything specific they’d like, I’d be happy to design them.


3 thoughts on “Art Therapy Resource.

  1. heartsetonliving says:

    What great work, I think these could prove helpful to a lot of people. Right now ‘I feel alone’ is the card that resonates with me but I recognize shame and others as places I’ve visited – and moved on from – on what is a mammoth recovery journey.


    • S.G says:

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes I’ve felt all these things too. They should print out at A6 (international sizes) or Height 105mm x Width 148mm so kind of pocket size.

      I’m sorry you are feeling alone right now tho. I hope things feel better soon x


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